How to create food ordering app that will have success?


The goal: to extend the coverage of client audience, by adding smartphone users. Give the opportunity to order the delivery, without having access to PC

Solution: creation an application for the order and delivery of food from cafes and restaurants in Ukraine. Using the filter system and easy navigation of the application, the user can easily find the restaurant and make an order directly by the phone

Result: partly transition of the customers from ordering on site on orders in a mobile application, increasing the audience coverage to 4 times with mobile Internet users, as well as by the recommendations of users and the dissemination of information about the application to friends and colleagues. Investments in development ($5,000) were paid off for 1.5 months

Screens and services: 24 – User screens, Push messages, Google maps

  • Nataliia Voloshyna

    Wow, interesting project!

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    Интересный кейс, достойное оформление работы.

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